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Product Name:MTM-702
Description:RS232/485 Serial to WIFI


RS232/485 Serial to WIFI 
MTM-702 is a mutual transparent transmission device.You can use our software to realize wireless extension of serialport without acquiring any knowledge of WIFI or technique detail,such as attendance machine,door access control,COM printer,RFID,PLC etc..

We can set operating mode of the module by logging in built-in webpage or AT instructions,the settings only need to be done once and the device will always work with this mode.

Adroid smart phone can also log in the built-in webpage without installing any patch. Meanwhile,we provide testing software and programming examples for Android system.Wireless router or wireless terminal.

Wireless DataWireless Standard802.11 b/g/n
Frequency Range2.412-2.418GHz
Output Power802.11b: +20dBm(Max)
802.11g: +18dBm(Max)
802.11n: +15dBm(Max)
User can configure the power
Receive Level802.11b: +20dBm(Max)
802.11g: +18dBm(Max)
802.11n: +15dBm(Max)
AntennaExternal I-PEX connector
Serial PortRS232DB9 4-wire male header,RX/TX supports 4KV surge protection
1200-230400bps communication rate
PIN9 jumper to select+12/+5V@1A power supply
RS4853-wire 3.5mm phenix header
1200-230400bps communication rate, support data flow control
Support 4KV surge protection
Relay Output2-line dry contact relay output
4PIN 3.5MM Phenix header
Power DC12V input, support reverse current and filtering protection
IndicatorPOWER LEDLED lights up when power on
READY LEDLED lights up when the system boot-up finished and network connected
LINK LEDLED lights up when network is connected
COM Status LEDTX/RX LED keeps flickering at work, lights off when not working
Default SettingRELOAD KeyWhen the device is under normal working status (Ready LED indicator is on),press “Reset” for 1sec. To reload default settings. 
EnvironmentWorking Temp.-20°C ~ 70°C
Storage Temp.-40°C ~ 80°C
Working Humidity0% ~ 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage Humidity0% ~ 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Certifications FCC, CE, RoHS

MTM-702 RS232/485 Serial to WIFI