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With more than10 years experience consolidation and accumulation in industrial computer fields, Yacoo does not only create brand-new products, but also guarantees long term supply ability and longer products life circle. We ensure high-quality products as well as effective service system.

Yacoo provides more cost-effective and shorter time-to-market solutions and production service system from kernel module design to finished products tailoring, which covers a variety of industry fields.

Digital signage, known as the fifth media, is a dynamic information publishing system based on digital audio and video technology. Yacoo is devoted to X86 platform all these years, especially on the R&D of Intel® Atom™processor N2600/2800, AMD® G series with APU Processor T56N hardware platform.These platforms are powerful enough to support 1080p full HD video playback.

As the beauty of PC, the development of barebone system is blooming in diversity and radiant splendour. The barebone system products Yacoo provides give attention to all critical factors, including slim and smart appearance design,ultra-low power consumption PC architecture, and cautious selection of chassis material and effective thermal design. 

In order to better serve clients, and to assist integration during the products development process, Yacoo provides PC peripherals which are compatible with our products, such as LCD/LED panel, various storage items etc..